bloom-laptop-disassembleWhat if you had a laptop which you could upgrade yourself just by swapping out its parts without actually going through the mess of tearing it apart? What if you could just click a button, and get rid of the old mother board to a new one? Such a laptop would reduce recycle wastes in the millions and could be a great cost cutting tool for the industry. Thanks to some Stanford students, this could now be done.

Graduate students at the Stanford University designed a laptop computer that could be disassembled in less than 30 seconds. The students started off the project aiming to design a laptop computer that can be seperated from its components easily thus making it easier and more likely to be recycled. But this has eveolved into a whole new set of ideas where it might lead to modular based laptops where any component can be changed as desired.

The laptop called, “The Bloom laptop”¬†can be disassembed in 30 seconds which compared to a standard laptop will take a technician atleast¬†45 minutes to finish taking apart.

Check out the video!

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