Want to trade in your iPhone or just sell your old gadgets that you don’t use? Want to make some quick cash byelectronics selling those old cell phones or those movie cds? Gazelle has answers for you.

The nations’s largest consumer electronics reCommerce service has just launched a mobile site to let customers trade in their iPhone right from their iPhone by visiting iphone.gazelle.com. The mobile site interface allows you to find out how much your iPhone is worth in less than a minute.

Just follow these steps. 

  • Go to iphone.gazelle.com
  • Select your model (2G, 3G, 3GS) with its storage size.
  • Answer four quick questions about the phone’s condition its wear and tear
  • Get your instant cash offer

This is really awesome considering if you have a broken iPhone in poor condition with water damage, the system still shells out a good $50 for the iPhone 3G/8GB which is not bad considering you really won’t get anything for a broken phone.


Once thats done, the you would ship your phone to Gazelle and guess what, the packaging and shipping is free!, and then get paid. Customers can get close to $250 for their iPhones, but Gazelle is dropping prices every week so you may want to hurry!

You can also trade in loads of other electronic equipment that you are not using.

My T Mobile shadow in mint condition was offered $33 for which I said a nice “Nay”.

You can read more here.

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