Japanese always make some of the coolest gadgets around. Imagine connecting some of the basic things at home to the Internet. By basic we mean, your alarm clock, your lights, even your TV remote. Tokyo saw its first demonstration of such a device that makes this possibile called Trangram.

Hirotaka Hatayama who has been working on this project says that Trangram’s concept is to use a browser interface to put together electrical parts and web services. This “wiring editor” is a custom software that makes this possibile and resembles very much like Yahoo Pipes.


You can connect random devices to the web, for instance your alarm clock can be connected to your water heater or your lights. The team demonstrated how Trangram works and showed that by using an iPhone as in input device, one can turn off lights via the web.

Mr. Hatayama says that the system works great and their next step is to “provide this system to some users for real use”.

Check out the video

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