How safe really are the websites we use to connect with each other while others are hopelessly dependant on them?twitter_logo Today Twitter fixed a major bug but that did not leave it from having some down time and account resets!

The bug that was detechted allowed people to force others to “follow” them on the site. The bug worked when you type “accept” followed by a person’s Twitter name. This forced the other person to follow you.

As it spread like fire through social network sites, people began abusing this by forcing celebrities to follow them. Spammers were also found to have inserted ads in thousands of messages.

Twitter worked on the loophole and closed it but was distrupted briefly and had to temporarily reset many accounts. However some people were able to use the service during the disruption.

We have not yet recovered well from the recent high-profile Facebook bug while another social media site has issues.

Really how safe is our information in the hands of these sites?

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