Today Internet is reporting massive signups to Twitter, thanks to the new iOS5. In a interview with Mashable’s Ben Parr, Twitter CEO Dick Costolo said that iOS 5 has caused a massive spike in signups for the social network. Signups via iOS have tripled since iOS 5 was made available to iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users last Wednesday. This also came in with the successful iPhone 4S launch on Friday where Apple reported about 4 million sold!

Apple built Twitter right into the heart of iOS 5 with Twitter getting its own menu in the settings app. This comes with increased security thanks to a centralised login, where iOS knows your username and password, and apps wishing to use your credentials plug directly into the operating system. Apple has also tied twitter into its own apps now which allows you to tweet a picture directly from the camera app.

It is rumored that Siri will be able to twitter on voice pretty soon. Twitter however wants users to use its own application that will allow it to control the user experience. What would be more interesting is if Goolge were to buy Twitter, will Apple cater to Twitter then as its doing now? Will Google be placed on the forefront of the iPhone?


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