samsung-EcoGreen-F4EGSamsung today has launched a massive two terabyte hard disk drive which claims as the world’s highest-density and environmentally friendly hard drive. The new hard drive called the EcoGreen F4EG has been made for the desktop PCs and it will certainly give them a big boost with the 2-terabyte capacity.
The disk is much more denser which lets it hold about 667 GB on each of its three disks. The space is enough to let you enjoy about 880 hours of DVD video or 500,000 MP3 files which could easily make it attractive for media center PCs or users wanting to store their media. Samsung also claims that the hard disk consumes low power and has increased reliability than its predecessors. The drive is also said to have 23 percent lower power consumption in standby mode.
The new Ecogreen F4EG sports a 3.0Gbps SATA interface with Native Command Queuing and 32MB buffer memory. It will be available from September and costs from $119.99.
Analysts are positive that such huge storage disk drives will be available for laptops, gaming consoles and eventually will reside in TVs and media centers.

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