Now along with Android and iOS, Ubuntu Linux is going to make an entry into mobile phones and tablets. Mark Shuttleworth, founder of Canonical, which makes Ubuntu Linux is supposed to be revealing this news to the Ubuntu Developer Summit that Ubuntu will be expanding into smartphones, tablets and even smart TVs.

Zdnet reported today that Shuttleworth said that to make Ubuntu 12.04 as stable as possible giving it the Unity desktop interface. After that version, Ubuntu will be expanding as the linux desktop for all devices including tablets. He said that Ubuntu is Linux for human beings and this makes it ample necessary to expand into these other device markets which are currently rules by iOS and Android.

He also said that Ubuntu has been talking to partners for almost two years now and has been working on a secret project of introducting Ubuntu to smartphones and tablets. However don’t get excited yet, it will be almost 2014 before you see a Ubuntu Mobile devices flood the market. He said the new code will be touch-enabled and available on all the architectures that Ubuntu currently runs on.


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