Complimentary mints and a free cup of orange juice are things of the past. These days hotels are going that extra mileshutters-on-the-beach to attract customers. So if you were one of the guests visiting the Shutters on the Beach hotel consider yourself lucky because in addition to everything else the hotel is going to give you a free iPad.

A free iPad for a hotel stay – is what the Santa Monica beachfront city hotel is offering its customers but surely enough there are a couple of catches. The iPad is only for the visitors comfort during the duration of the visit and needs to be checked out before leaving the hotel. And not just that it is also only for those people who book a “Premier” suite in the hotel, which happens to be the most expensive class of the room.

The hotel has proprietary apps built into the hotel’s iPad which let a guest to schedule a massage or let him/her order room service etc. These apps are only available for the hotel sponsored iPads and if you were to own an iPad, you won’t have access to these apps.

The hotel’s general manager said in a statement that, “At Shutters we are constantly striving to provide our guests with that special touch or additional level of service. We are thrilled to be the first hotel on the West Coast to offer this hot technology for our guests’ enjoyment. It’s a great opportunity to test drive new technology while on vacation. If successful, we hope to expand this program to other room categories”.

Well thats a nice move but then if you can afford a premier room I bet you already own an iPad!

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