The rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been a hot topic of debate among tech leaders and politicians alike. With the rollout of AI products like ChatGPT and Bard, the public’s fascination with generative AI has reached new heights. However, the White House has now issued a stern warning to tech bosses, urging them to protect society from the potential dangers of AI.

Sundar Pichai of Google, Satya Nadella of Microsoft, and OpenAI’s Sam Altmann were called to the White House and told they had a “moral” duty to safeguard society. The executives were told that it was up to firms to “ensure the safety and security of their products” and warned that the administration was open to new regulations and legislation to cover AI.

Despite the risks and concerns around the use of AI, advocates like Bill Gates have argued that a pause on AI development would not “solve the challenges” ahead. Instead, Gates suggests that the focus should be on how best to use AI to benefit society.

At the White House meeting, Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, spoke of executives being “surprisingly on the same page on what needs to happen” in terms of regulation. This was a clear indication that tech leaders themselves are aware of the potential risks that come with AI and understand the need to take action.

The risks associated with AI range from the loss of jobs to the dissemination of misinformation, and there are even concerns that AI-generated videos can spread fake news. This has prompted calls for better regulation of the sector to ensure the safety and security of society.

The White House has announced a $140m (£111m) investment from the National Science Foundation to launch seven new AI research institutes. Calls for better regulation of AI are growing louder, with even the “godfather” of AI, Geoffrey Hinton, admitting he now regrets his work.

As AI continues to evolve and develop, it is clear that the need for proper regulation has never been greater. The potential rewards of AI are vast, but so too are the potential risks. It is up to tech leaders and politicians to work together to ensure that AI is used in a safe and responsible manner to benefit society as a whole.

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