Verizon customers are ditching Android phones for iPhones. According to a report Verizon’s customer base appears to be shifting away from Android devices towards the iPhone. Chitika which monitors the OS and device breakdown across its ad network to spot trends in device usage. According to the firm, Verizon’s share of the Android market in the US has dropped nearly 10 full percentage points between March and August, while AT&T’s share of the Android market has gone up, indicating that more users are using iPhones through Verizon now that the option is available.

Verizon’s share of the Android market back in March was at roughly 51.4 percent, with Sprint grabbing 25.3 percent, T-Mobile grabbing 16.8 percent, and AT&T a mere 3.6 percent. Since then, however, the numbers have changed dramatically. But now it looks like Verizon’s customers are moving towards the iPhone and leaving Android behind.

A survey conducted just before the Verizon iPhone’s public release revealed that more than half of Verizon’s Android and BlackBerry users were mulling a switch to the iPhone when it became available on their network, and it looks like those changes are now beginning to filter down. With iPhone 5 on the horizon, many more customers would be moving to the iPhone.


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