Finally we will have the option to get an iPhone and use it with any provider. Apple is reportedly developing yetverizon-iphone-itgrunts another version of the iPhone for launch this summer. That’s not just it, the company is making a CDMA version of the iPhone that will work with Verizon Wireless, thats good news for Verizon customers!

The Wall Street Journal confirmed this report that the new phone will be a CDMA version and with such credible source looks like a iPhone 4 is going to be a reality pretty soon. Apple seems to be making it a habit to release a new iPhone version every year with considerable software updates and improvements through out the year.

At the end of last year, rumors began to circulate that said that by summer 2010 AT&T’s iphone monopoly in the US will come to an end and the iphone will be open to all other network providers, which seem to be coming true with this report. According to reports Hon Hai, Apple’s usual iPhone manufacturer, will also build the fourth-gen GSM iphone while Pegatron Technology from Taiwan will build the CDMA phones for Apple. The need for the technology change is because CDMA is used by Verizon Wireless,  Sprint Nextel Corp. and by a bunch of cellular operators in countries including South Korea and Japan. iPhone 4 intends to spread across barriers of AT&T and take over the world. Pegatron is scheduled to start mass producing CDMA iPhones in September and the customers won’t be able to get to it until some time after.

Looks like Apple is feeling the heat from the Android phones and wants to make a move now. After the news Verizon’s stock rose by more than 4% early in the day.

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