We had reported on this rumor that Verizon will be having iPhone4 pretty soon. Well hang in there a for a little while,verizon-iphone-itgrunts rumors of a CDMA compatible iPhone on Verizon are about to come true. Bloomberg news reported today that this time Verizon is very serious about the iPhone and can happen by January next year!

It has been rumored for sometime about the iPhone entering Verizon’s market but it had not been seen to happen. Some predicted that the CDMA iphone will be out by this summer but with the iPhone 4’s launch that date has been shifted to later.

With increased competition from Android based devices, Apple is expanding its carrier base. Android is offered by 4 carriers while the iPhone is offered by just AT&T. Verizon is the largest carrier in the US and this will work greatly in Apple’s favor.

It is believed that AT&T’s exclusivity will end by the end of this year and come January we will see more carriers offering the iPhone. Other countries the scenario is different, apple has more than one carrier partner which has led the company increase its phone sales.

So if you want to get an iPhone, play the waiting game!

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