InternetLoveAccording to a latest research people who have internet access at home are likely to be in a relationship. It was also found that people spending time solely on browsing websites and on the web had higher chances of falling in love. The research was done by Stanford University which revealed that the internet has a special place in social circles. With more social websites popping up and in the twitter era, internet was specially important for bringing same even sex couples together.

Michael Rosenfeld, an associate professor of sociology said, “Although prior research on the social impacts of Internet use has been rather ambiguous about the social cost of time spent online, our research suggests that Internet access has an important role to play in helping Americans find mates”. The study said that 82.2 percent people who participated in the study had internet access at home and had a romantic partner compared to 62.8 per cent for those who did not have Internet access.

About 4000 adults across the US participated in the study of which more than 3000 were either married or had a romantic partner. Rosenfeld said that it was possible in the next several years that internet will be the place where Americans would meet partners rather than friends.  

The research also focused on same-sex couples and found that these groups had placed special importance on Internet. Rosenfeld said that this was predictable considering many of them tend to have their sexuality to remain private and internet offers a convenient medium to contact others.

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