Engineers are coming up with creative ways to fight child obesity. But what do you think about making kids do all the work just to make it to the school and back? How about your kids get to school by literally driving the school bus?

In Netherlands ‘De Cafe Racer has built a pedal-powered school bus that is aimed at obese children. This anti-obesity bus will accommodate 10 students who can pedal the bus all the way to the school. Each student will have his/her own mechanical pedal which would contribute to generate the combined force required to drive the bus.

The bus will have a driver, who will also have mechanical pedals at their feet. The driver will be able to steer the bus and also stop it if need be. One problem surely might arise, the kids would be dead tired by the time they get to school! To counter this, the designers fit the bus with an electric motor which the driver can switch on as an alternate power source.

One good question to ask yourself is would you want your tired kid to pedal his way back to home from school?

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