It is true when we have too much of technology we as humans look at using it to check on everything and nothing is spared not even the adidas-jabulaniWorld Cup Ball!

After improper decisions made by the referee and some controversies surrounding the present Soccer world cup, players and coaches have come forward and complained about the ball itself claiming that it was just not right!

The soccer ball isn’t a perfect sphere, but rather is made of geometric panels with grooves in between. While a traditional ball contains 32 panels, the Jabulani contains only 8, which made the team led by Beverly McKeon suspect there could be something to the complaints about its erratic behavior.

In the complaint the players and coaches claimed that the ball called the Jabulani, which is the tournament’s official ball behaves unpredictably. A report in Discovery news covered by Jorge Ribas who talks to NASA aerospace engineers to check the science behind the ball. The players and coaches claim that the ball does not behave aerodynamically in all counts and although is in perfect circle shape is not behaving predictably.

Adidas is the manufacturer of the ball and claims that it has been thoroughly tested.

Watch the following news report.

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