lg72lex9-worlds-largest-tvWant to buy the World’s largest 3D TV? LG today unveiled the world’s largest 3D TV which scales a massive 72 inches. The TV called LG 72LEX9 has True-Motion LED back lit display with a 480Hz refresh rate. Now that’s going to look great in my living room! It also is in compliance with DLNA and allows web TV via NetCast!

LG is expected to sell the TV in South Korea first and later releasing it to more markets in the second quarter of 2011. No pricing information was given but some suggested that the TV might be priced at around $9000.

The only downside of having this TV is that you will really need a huge house to accomodate it. If you were any closer you won’t be able to watch the whole TV. Imagine you watching a movie in a theater where you sit right in front of the screen. Another issue is lack of 3D content. There is not much 3D content in the market and there is a hard push for it.

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