Golf is considered a game of pleasure, a game which also brings in great fortune and riches. Golfers are some of the richest people around. So why not have the most expensive golf bible lying around? Wonderland Publications published the first ever luxury Golf Bible that is priced at a whopping $48,000. The publication itself is called Golf is available in two different editions – the Luxury edition which starts at $48,000 and the Collector’s edition that is priced at a much affordable $630.

The Golf Bible is an art collection that tells the story of the game, the terrain and contributions to the game from over 50 individuals worldwide. The golf manuscript has an impressive size of over 3 feet wide, is 18 inches high and 5 inches thick, weighing at 82 pounds, featuring 18 chapters with 140 pages of content.

According to co-author, Weitzman, “Our mission has been to create a satirical, informed work of prose and art, designed to capture the true spirit of the game from it’s formative growth, through to the realities of the recent financial depression, and on towards new and exciting horizons.”

The price tag is set based on the book’s handmade creation, paper is hand torn and the folio is bound into an extremely rare 400-year-old Russian Hide leather cover. The luxury edition is embellished with ornate gold blocking and elaborate gold furnishings. The art masterpiece is based on the design of a 14th century medieval bible, and is available in a limited edition of 10 only signed and numbered by the artists and Colin Montgomerie. It is delivered in an oak slipcase box.

The collection edition is rather modest with 320 pieces of editorialized content and is a compendium of “Golf,” the “Luxury Edition,” and is limited to 2100.

I know I won’t be buying one, personally I think Golf sucks!

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