Isn’t it funny to see when a new product or trend starts on the internet, every other giant is behind it with their ownyahoo-meme version! Now that Twitter is a success, atleast from a trend prespective, Yahoo is ramping up its game to push for its micro-blogging service.

Yahoo acquired a new domain name called “Me.ME” for its own “twitter” styled product. The domain name is tied to Yahoo’s micro-blogging site Meme.

Yahoo reported profits in Q1 2010 and with good business in sight it is ramping up to take on the market and have a chunk of the micro-blogging market.

The domain comes from the country of Montenegro and the deal was struck between Yahoo and Montenegro. Yahoo has shown increased interest in online branding and the acquisition of the domain only reflects that further.

Overcrowding of a trend is not new in the Internet. For instance there are tons of social networking websites, Facebook, myspace, orkut. So much choice and if you have friends using more than one you would be using more than one too. Imagine a day where you have to update twitter and meme and 10 other micro-blogging sites at the same time.

The trend is getting boring…

You can visit meme here. Oh well, you can follow us here.

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