Not fair? Today AT&T along with other ISPs which include Comcast is setting up a data cap on all of its DSL services. AT&T will be going to issue its DSL users notices about the new cap from March 18 to March 31. The caps are set to go into affect May 2.

For DSL customers there will be a 150GB data cap. For U-verse customers there will be a 250GB data cap. AT&T confirmed the new data caps and anyone crossing the cap will incur overage charges. However AT&T said that a customer has to consistently overshoot the cap to incur a charge.

AT&T says that any one crossing the cam more than thrice in their life of their account will be charged $10 for every 50GB over the cap. Average DSL customer consumes about 18GB per month.

This surely is going to drive away customers from AT&T DSL. Most intensive internet users and people who stream from and to online wouldn’t want their internet capped.

Would you sign with AT&T DSL?

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