The reality of web marketing is that almost all of it happens on platforms that are owned by others. Platform owners, such as Facebook or Google, have provided environments where some things are easy to do, some things are much harder to do, and some things simply can't be done. Even tougher for marketers is that these systems are constantly changing as the platforms evolve and grow. The best way to keep attention and stay up to date is to appeal to the philosophy of each platform's users.

In the last few years, Facebook has gone through major growth — from businesses using Groups and Profiles to Pages, which are still changing on their own. This evolution was met by a lot of complaining and foot-dragging by the marketers who were responsible for converting their Group to a Page, or similar issues on other sites. Google+ even launched without support for business features and a rule that any business on the website would be taken off until business features were actually launched.

While there is no escaping the changing systems for these platforms, there are ways that you can be better prepared. Marketers who ask themselves the following questions will rarely get caught off guard because their marketing actually speaks to their audience and doesn't hinge on a specific feature or method of outreach.

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