Google has launched its UK YouTube movie rental service following a string of tie-ups with film studios, including Warner Bros and Sony Pictures. Youtube users in the UK can rent movies along with new releases including Hanna and Fast Five. New releases start at £3.49, while movies from studio catalogues can be rented at £2.49 for standard definitions and £3.49 for high-definition quality.

Once a user rents a movie they will have a 30-day window in which they can watch it. Once they have begun watching it, they will have 48 hours to finish it. Universal, Lionsgate, Entertainment One along with independent British studios including Metrodome and Revolver Entertainment are among YouTube’s partners. Over 1,000 feature-length movies available to rent from the platform.

Rumor is that Miramax is also in talks with Google over potential tie-ups with Google, both for YouTube, Google TV, and its Android platform.


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