india-telecomiSuppli today came out with a research according to which the wireless and mobile phone subscription in India will grow enormously in coming years. iSuppli noted that the industry growing rapidly at an incredible pace. According to them, 97 percent of the country’s 1.26 billion people will have mobile phones by 2014.

In India around 19 million new wireless subscribers were added each month during the first four months of 2010. By the end of this year India would have 766 million mobile subscribers which is 45.9 percent higher than the 525 million subscribers at the end of 2009.

All the growth is working out in the favor of entry-level handsets that are targeted towards the rural Indian market.
Telecom operators are scrabbling to get their bit of action by expanding networks and upgrading their equipment. India’s wireless infrastructure market in 2010 is set to reach $10.8 billion.

3G is set to launch in India in the fourth quarter of 2010 and will add speeding up of new mobile subscribers. Network equipment vendors are offering free equipment to Indian telecom operators in order to over come the competition in the market. State run BSNL had reported losses due to high price it paid for the 3G spectrum. It posted a loss of US $178.177 million (Rs 1,823 crore) in 2009-10, compared to the profit of $124.486 million (Rs 575 crore) it showed in 2008-09. This is its first loss in 10 years.

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