dot-worlds-smallest-movieI knew it would come to this, making movies from cell phones. But how different is it to make the world’s smallest movie using your smart phone. The smart phone here was the Nokia N8. The movie features Dot, a girl who measures 9 millimeters tall is the worlds tiniest doll. The film called Dot was produced by Aardmann who also created Wallace and Gromit. The movie is set to enter the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s smallest film.

The movie is about the girl, Dot, who wakes up in a world that seems to be going crazy! Running away from a wave of loose threads, Dot runs across coins, pins, nuts and bolts and finally saves herself by knitting the threads into a sleeping bag.

Animators used a 3D printer to make about 50 different versions of Dot. Critics have reviewed the movie and said it was one of the best stop-motion animations ever seen. The movie was filmed with a Nokia N8 which had a cellscope attached to it. CellScope is a microscope for cell phones which was developed by Daniel Fletcher, a bio engineer at the University of California-Berkeley to help doctors take pictures and analyze blood samples. It is similar to the cell phone based eye testing device we discussed in our earlier reports.

You can watch the movie below.

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