c-explorerA typical billionaire would already have a private jet and a yacht but how about a personal submarine? Especially after the recent news that  James Cameron was diving in at the deepest ocean for Avatar 2. A Dutch company is offering a new line of personal submarines that can dive up to 3,300 feet below sea level.

The company called U-Boat Worx is offering a whole line of “personal exploration submersibles” that can dive up to 3,300 feet below sea level. These line of deep sea diving submarines are called C-Explorers and can carry from one to six passengers. Major customers include scientists, research organizations and anyone who is a deep diving enthusiast which includes a long list of millionaires and billionaires.

There is another model called the C-Quester but has limited capacity of just two passengers. The C-Explorer is a much newer model that can dive deep and stay out to sea for longer periods of time. The subs have a fully acrylic transparent pressure hull to provide the best underwater viewing. Giving into modern addictions, each sub also comes with a champagne cooler and an iPod stereo dock.

The C-Explorer submarine is powered by a 10 kWh lithium-ion battery. The C-Explorers are not going to be cheap. Prices range from the smallest C-Explorer at $360,000 to the five seater at just over $1 million. The C-Explorer 2 will be unveiled to the public during the Monaco Yacht Show later this month.

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