A recent poll conducted by market firm ChangeWave says that about 16% of AT&T customers are ready to switch to the Verizon’s network after Verizon launches its iPhone next month. The firm said that while AT&T’s network showed some improvements recently, it wasn’t enough to keep these 16% of AT&T customers who are all set to jump ship.

The survey asked 4,050 consumers about a possible change in the next 90 days. 15 percent of AT&T customers plan to switch while only 4 percent of Verizon customers said they would change. Current iPhone users were more willing to make the change with 26 percent wanting to switch to Verizon iPhone.

ChangeWave says the top three reasons for switching are poor reception and coverage area, dropped calls and cost. Verizon has been consistently claiming that its 3G coverage is superior to AT&T’s.

However some remain skeptical if a Verizon iPhone will have much impact at this moment in the market.


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