Facebook games are doing great! Zynga’s latest Facebook game has brought in more than 100 million users within a mount of its launch and the number seems to be growing. Today Zynga reported that it had 100,064,578 active montly users. This number surpasses Facebook’s active monthly users which is around 57 million users.

On the launch day itself, Cityville Facebook app had about 2,90,000 users which soon rose to 6.5 million active users in just a week. It is well known that Zynga owns Farmville which has had a record number of users at 84 million users in March 2010.

CityVille is Zynga’s fastest growing game till date. The game requires users to build their own city complete with roads, buildings, restaurants, homes, etc.

You can check out CityVille here.

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