Android’s app market is growing by the minute. With Google churning out applications, it isandroid-logo-itgrunts focused on maintaining their market foothold. Android apps range from useful utilities, addons, games, entertainment and the list doesn’t end there.

We offer a review to the 3 coolest apps.

1. Wapedia – Wikipedia Unleashed on the Android

Wapedia gives you access to Wikipedia and other wiki sites, claiming to have about 3 wapedia_android_appsmillion articles and counting. The speed is incredible, even on simple 2G networks. Language support is provided for travellers.






2. FxCamera – Fundroid your Camera

This is not your basic camera application on your phone, far better than that! Fxcamera isfxcamera_android_apps loaded with features such as  ToyCam, Polandroid, Fisheye, SymmetriCam, Warhol and normal modes. The application makes self-potraits a lot more fun and exciting and supports flash. 





3. Evernote – Making Note Taking fun!

The note taking application is not included in the Android phones so they need to beevernote_android_apps downloaded from the Android App store. Evernote is still in Beta testing but it has the ability to snyc notes, pictures and even videos within and with other Androids. More to come when it is released.

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