Want to play a 3D game without having to put on those big 3D glasses? Well Nintendo is thenintendo-3d-ds-3ds answer to your prayers. The company says the handheld 3D DS will do just that which will be launched in Japan by the end of March 2011. 

Nintendo said more information will be disclosed at the upcoming E3 gaming event which will take place in Los Angeles from June 15 to 17.

Nintendo expects the new 3DS launch will help boost sales of the DS which has seen a decline in recent months. The company sold 23.4 million DS devices, a drop of 9 percent in the last nine months of 2009. Software sales dropped by a quarter to 121.4 million units. Nintendo did not reveal any information about how the devices actually work without 3D glasses.


Speculations about how the technology might work referring to  this link in late February referring to a DSi Ware game. 

The DSi’s camera uses a sophisticated face tracking algorithm for glasses-free 3D. This works with existing DSi hardware and no modifications are needed. Nintendo did release a launch memo which states that the new series will be backward compatible with older DS models.

But is the market really ready for 3D gaming? No one really knows, although 3D gaming is exciting, the idea still goes back to wearing 3D glasses and a need to have big screens.

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