We do know that Amazon is building the kindle app for ipad and other tablets and is set to take over the market in the second part of 2010.

It is made official on Amazon’s official page where it declares that the app is coming out for all tablets while quoting iPad in particular, which lets us think that ipad is being treated as a special tablet by Amazon since it competes with Apple’s iBookstore.

Features are what the users are concerned about at the end of the day. If, as a user, I find the Kindle app to be better than the iBookstore, then that will be the one living on my ipad.

 Amazon promises that apps will be “tailored to the size, look and feel of your tablet computer,” with customizable background, brightness and font. The kindle will have a “Basic reading mode” which when shut off, will let you turn the pages just like a regular book, a feature iBookstore would have too.

An interesting feature of kindle enabled tablets is Whispersync, has the ability to start reading on one device and continue on another with full access to the Kindle store. Did the iBookstore take a note of the Whispersync, I am sure they did.

Wonder if iPad would make Amazon’s kindle go out of business? Analysts say chances are bright. Apple comes with a reputation to make things bright and beautiful, which appeals to people in general. iPad is much more than just a book reading device, a full scale computer which appeals to most of the users. With the right pricing it does offer a punch. As a user, given a choice, I rather spend my money on a multitasking hardware rather than something that lets me read only books.

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2 thoughts on “What the Kindle App for iPad Looks Like”
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