Analysts were right when they said that Skype’s iPhone 3G app was one of the most wanted and desired software thatskype consumers were waiting for. After its launch on Sunday, nearly 5 million consumers have downloaded the Skype app which allows users of the iPhone to make Skype calls over its 3G cellular network.


Before this app was launched users could only use Skype to make calls over Wi-Fi and calls over 3G were not allowed. Although Apple and AT&T had removed this requirement Skype took its time to work on the app and released it on Sunday.


“We’ve had millions of downloads to date and that’s really positive,” said Russ Shaw who is the general manager for Skype mobile.


Shaw also said that the demand seemed consistent with the three regions of Europe, North America and Asia Pacific.


The new Skype app is set to charge for calls made over 3G including Skype-to-Skype calls which have traditionally remained free. But this has been delayed until 2011 so for now all Skype calls from the iphone are free. Skype did recieve some criticism over this decision and it is reported that the price will be competitive.

May be there is a new market to a technology where you are not just limited to making calls from cell phones to cell phones but have the ability to call into a computer directly. Skype with its iPhone app offers that. Though after 2011 Skype-to-Skype calls might get pricey, the right competition will surely bring down the price.

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