women-on-webIt is the age of the women! With mobile phones becoming smarter and more mobile services being offered, the number of women according to a report, ranging from soccor moms to the CEO’s, has risen by 575 percent over the last two years. The report called “Latest State of the Mobile Web” was publised by Opera.

The reported findings were based on a poll conducted on 300,000 Opera Mini users from 15 countries. According to the report men dominate the net with 77 percent of mobile web users being male while only 23 percent being female. The 23 percent females using the net is much higher than what was found two years ago where only 12 percent female were active on the mobile web.

Male mobile web users increased by 233 percent between May 2008 and July 2010 while female users recorded a 575 percent increase. The report also found that South Africa had the most female users at 43.5 percent while US took second place at 35.6 percent. Third stood Russia at 32.4 percent and UK took fourth place at 31.5 percent. India had the lowest number of female users at only 4.0 percent while Nigeria was at 5.4 percent.

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