ipad-2-gartnerApple fan boys will all be happy to hear this that 93 percent of all the tablets sold in the third quarter of 2010 are iPads. There were about 4.5 million tablets that were sold in the third quarter last year and Apple seems to be doing pretty good!

This info comes out from research conducted by Beancounters which found the iPad to lead the market even though many competitors were out there and some of whom offered better features than the iPad.

One reason for this success in an already saturated market is Apple’s insistance on consistency in the product. “It is similar to Starbucks, I like my starbucks to be the same no matter which store I go to”, said Alex who is an analyst. “By having consistency in their App market and their products, Apple is doing the same”, he said.

The sale numbers of iPad will only go up as the price is set to drop in the next few weeks as iPad 2 makes an entry into the market.

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