Rich, richer, richest, well where does it stop? Most certainly not here. IceLink, a Geneva based gems and watch maker who are famous for their uniquely crafted six time zone watches has now come up with a Blackberry Phone which will most certainly be the most expensive one ever.

The customized BlackBerry Bold 9700 is meant for the luxurious. The customized Blackberry Bold 9700 has 6 carats of black diamonds and only 16 pieces are available for a retail price of $15,000 each.

There are other limited collection five time zone watches available in the Zermatt collection. These expensive peices are made of black titanium.

You can check them out here.

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One thought on “The Most Expensive BlackBerry Bold – $15,000”
  1. wow! Imagine owning one of these beautiful, sleek blackberry bold 9700, i mean imagine the wonderful things you could do with this, and adding class to u by adding this blackberry bold 9700 to your possession. “wink wink” its all about u*

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