apple-tv-99-centApple is looking forward to enter the TV arena with a bang. It is being widely reported that the 99-cent TV show rentals will be soon offered by Apple. It was reported that Apple was already in advanced talks with News Corp to offer 48 hour rentals of popular shows from Fox.

Other networks are also reported to be working out deals with Apple and these networks include CBS and Disney which are big names in the television industry. Apple plans to offer the TV service similar to the way it offers music via iTunes purchases. This indicates that the shows can be downloaded onto iPhones, iPods, iPads, and also the Apple TV which is said to be released in September during Apples press event which is scheduled to happen on September 7th.

Initially it was said that none of the networks were interested in talking to Apple but things seemed to have turned into Apples favor with the networks agreeing on most of the terms. Networks see this as an opportunity to increase their viewership especially with the dropping cable subscribers.

Apple is rumored to also introduce its much more advanced Apple TV update and also a $99 version Apple TV which would focus greatly on streaming. If Apple does launch a 99-cent TV service, this will not be good news for Netflix and Hulu while users might switch from cable to Apple TV service which is much cheaper and more selective.

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