ps3Looks like someone finally got through hacking the PS3. A hacker group on Monday claimed to have jailbroken the PlayStation 3 which let them play pirated games on the system. The group called PSJailbreak said that it developed a USB dongle that allows users to save any PS3 game to the console itself.

The group said that it was able to play games from the PS3’s hard drive twice as fast than from its Blu-ray drive. If this claim is true, this would be the first time ever this were possible – thanks to the security built in the PS3s. The USB  Dongle is on sale for AUS$170 and is advertised by OzModChip. The chip will be ready to ship out sometime next week and works with all PS3 models.

The website claims that more than 150 games were tested and that they all worked with the dongle inserted into the PS3. The dongle reportedly turns off a number of security features but keeps the warranty seal intact allowing users to copy the games and play them without the original disks. The website also claims that users can play multiplayer online games too.

The dongle is said to be made to work with version 3.41 and the site asks users not to update their PS3. The dongle also disables forced updates in the machine.

You may order yours here.

Here is a video demo of the dongle.

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