We had reported earlier on a $15 Android Computer. Well we have something new here for you, behold the Humanehumane_reader_20_dollar_computer Reader, a computer designed to provide much needed access to technology to homes and schools on a budget. The Humane reader’s most attractive offering is its $20 price tag!

How the Humane reader works is pretty simple. It is a 8-bit computer that can store an equivalent of 5,000 books on its 2GB SD data card which is included for the price. To access the information all you need to do is to plug in a keyboard and a television set.

The creators of the Humane reader say that their device can provide a virtual library for less than what it would cost to buy a text book.

The system is based on three Atmega328p microcontroller and runs the open source Humane Reader. The system also has a USB port and a composite video input. The keyboard can be hooked up to the optional USB or PS/2 port.


The creators say that having a television and a keyboard might add to its costs but a television is very common in every household is an assumption which we may not be sure of. Poor countries and societies still lack the comfort of having a TV. They also claim that with an order of 10,000 or more the cost can be under $15 per system.

Regardless, to have an e-reader system for such a price is pretty amazing. Low cost computing is here to stay. The whole market is being driven towards low cost computing and The Humane Reader makes it interesting to look at!

You can find out more about the Humane Reader here.

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