Looks like ebooks are finally taking off. Amazon today said that the Kindle books were outselling hardcover books inkindle_dx_02 the US. This is good news for e-book readers because many companies will now invest more into e-books market further driving down the price. Amazon announced that they had sold 143 Kindle books per 100 hardcover books over the last three months.

Since Amazon lowered the price of Kindle, its sales have almost tripled. Amazon agreed that by lowering the price it had accelerated its sales exponentially.

To push sales further Amazon recently lowered the price of its Kindle DX which is being sold for $379. Fromm all this it is clear that customers are preferring e-books more. The reasons are simple, its much cheaper to own an e-book, comes with many features and environmentalists adore it.

Kindle sales continue to grow and it is also rumored that Amazon will be coming out with something more of an iPad equivalent e-book reader.

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