Alright this is straight out of your fancy science fiction stories. Scientists and researchers are working on a BrainDriver car concept that drives itself by reading your thoughts literally! Scientists use devices that pick up brain waves and translate them into mechanical commands that are used to drive the car. All you have to do is just think of it.

The research team led by Raul Rojas who heads the artificial intelligence team at the Freie University at Berlin. The team use an “Emotiv neroheadset” which records brain activity of the driver. This electroencephalography device, EEG for short was developed for video games by Emotiv.

A driver has to go through many rounds of mental training before he can hop in the car for a test drive. The driver is trained to learn to move virtual objects just by thinking about them. The Emotiv headset records drivers mental activity and can recognize when the driver is wanting to turn right or left.

Check out the video.

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