You just typically look at the label of a USB drive to find its capacity, or yes you can plug it in you pc to find its storageusbconrete size. But what if you could hold a USB and it actually weighs as much as it stores. Insteresting isn’t it?

Well thats what designer Shu-Chun Hsiao created, a concrete version which weights in grams exactly the same as its storage capacity.

It is exciting that designers in Asia are coming up with new innovative and surely funny stuff. The concrete USB is a simple design, cover the chip with a concrete proof gel and the right amount of concrete is poured on to it and it is let to harden.

No news on if this will hit the stores yet but if it did, it will be one good gift for for a construction worker! And if you got yourself one make sure you don’t plug into your usb without physical support, its weight might damage your usb port!

I would store my most important documents in this drive considering that its fire/water proof and also is unbreakable. I mean you really need to try hard to shatter this thing into pieces!

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