Wait! Want to get a iPod for your kid? You may want to reconsider. With handheld the new term in just about everyitgrunts-Leapster_Explorer-product technology sector why not have a handheld gaming device that is also an educational toy?

Emeryville based LeapFrog has been developing handheld educational toys and games for many years and now has come up with its own Leapstre Explorer which is a enhanced version of its previous Leapster handheld device.

The Leapster explorer is the next generation handheld device than its previous predecessor and comes with advanced features.

Leapster Explorer will have the ability to run video, 3-D graphics and Flash-based games on an expanded 3.2-inch 420×420 touch-screen. More storage and processing power has been added than its predecessor and it is more robust that a Nintendo DS with storage of about 512MB.

The Explorer is all set to launch on July 12 with 12 games and 18 Leaplet learning Apps.

Leapster also supports e-books including titles from the Tag library. LeapFrog also let the Explorer have access to LeapWorld, an online community for kids.

LeapFrog also has plans to see a camera accessory for the Explorer by october. Leapster is priced at $69.99 while cartridges sell for $24.99. The camera is set to be sold at $24.99 by the end of October. Pretty inexpensive for a handheld device with nice memory and features. It can be quite a tool for parents and kids.

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