We all know a fact that USA is yet to have the fastest internet speeds. But a chip maker Atheros is already aiming toatheros-AR9390 be ready when that becomes a reality. On Wednesday, Atheros released samples of its new 802.11n WiFi chipset which has a maximum data rate of 450 Mbps for access points and routers and a signal that is consistent.

The new chipset which is a 11n standard uses several innovations to boost data rate and throughput. Not just that the new chipset has a bigger range which is a plus!

The new chipsets named AR938x and AR9390 have three antennas which is part of a technology called multiple input multiple output (MIMO). With multiple antennas the device performs more efficiently which increases its overall performance.

These new chipsets will be offered at the similar price range to the previous generation chipsets according to a press release.

All this sounds great, 450Mbps is quite fast but are our ISP’s really ready to support such speed? ISP’s in United States were rated to be one of the slowest when compared to those in South Korea and Japan.

A fibre initiative was started by the federal governement and private firms like Google want to have test communities where 1Gbps internet speeds will be possible. But those speeds are yet to reach the entire nation.

Well surely Atheros wants to be prepared and these new chipsets are surely a blessing for gamers and home networking.

You can read more about these fibre initiatives here.

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