As part of bringing you upto speed with technology it falls upon us as a duty to be reminded of our past, of how other innovations changed our lives. Part of that is to be able to appreciate the dumbest inventions of the past, on the basis of which some new ideas were born that lead to greater inventions.

We bring you a few of the dumbest inventions, an excerpt from Life.

1. Handwriting Game, 1955


The “Ideal Toy panel” members analyse a handwriting game on the Inventor’s day at the company in New York. I am sure these games had sales in the negative! Seriously there is nothing more what kids would love to play than the handwriting!

2. Cigarette Pack Holder, 1955


Would she have lung cancer by 30?

3. Shower Hood, 1970


Did you do your hair before taking a shower? Applied make up already on a dirty face? No problem, our shower hood protects you from every single drop of water from going on your head! Amazing!!

4. Honegar, 1959


I guess it didn’t taste good enough, this combination of Honey and Vinegar by Dr. DeForest C. Jarvis. Too bad Mr. Jarvis, you will have to eat your own pie!

5. Rocket Belt, 1961


This is definetely not a dumb invention but it could be if you offered the president the Rocket Belt as a means to escape in an event of an attack!

Engineer Harold Graham salutes President Kennedy after demonstrating Rocket Belt.
Hope you enjoyed these!
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