In continuation to our first segment in bringing you the most dumbest rejections of iphone apps by Apple, we present our second segment.

1. Start Mobile Wallpaper Gallery


You can download it from the App Store link and costs $0.99

3. Bobble Rep

bobble rep

Apple disapproved of the app stating that the figures and pictures would ridicule a public figure.
You can download this app from the App Store link and costs $0.99

4. iSinglePayer


iSinglePayer lets people call their congress representative to ask for health care reform and Apple rejected it because it thought the app was “politically charged.”

After a few modifications it was allowed. Its funny how some apps get approval while others don’t. May be someone who did not approve of the health care had this app landed for approval on his/her desk!

You can download this app from the  App Store link  for free.

5. Someecards


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