Will this ever work for Hulu, switching from free to paid subscriptions? Time will tell.hulu

Hulu, the popular site for watching television shows plans to test a subscrption service as early as May 24th.

The whole idea is Hulu will continue to provide the five most recent episodes for free and folks who want to access more episodes and shows will have to pay up.

The new service is called Hulu Plus.

Membership fee was quoted to be around $9.99 a month to access Hulu Plus.

Hulu is next to Youtube in terms of its video streams it provides to its users and has a profit turn up of about $100 million dollars through advertising. Hulu is under pressure to generate more revenue as Youtube and other sites surpass the $100 million dollar limit.

By asking users to pay up Hulu expects to bring up its profits. But the big question, will the users pay? Will Hulu still play commercials for paid users using Hulu Plus?

Lets hope Youtube will not be a paid service. They already have innovative ways to advertise and don’t have to worry about forcing users to pay up while offering great free content and still satisfying networks.

No comment yet from Hulu.

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