Continuing our dumb inventions article, here is another set!


1. Beating Breasts, 1963


Weird but this was an invention from Japan. The artificial breasts had a built-in heartbeat to help kids fall asleep. I don’t think any kids really bought into that idea!

2. Flying Platform, 1956


The Flying platform was the brain child of the US airforce. It never really took off as a great invention considering that no would really want to get on a flying platform. Sure, Nasa used this to land on the moon, maybe!

3. Mini Television, 1966

Mini Television, 1966

Clive Sinclair, a British inventor invented the world’s smallest TV. But unfortunately it did not really take off well, considering the limited programming back in those days!

4. Yodal Meter, 1925


Two girls try the yodel meter, which was made to measure the pitch of the human yodel. I am just guessing, what the devil is a yodel 🙂

5. Fast-Draw Robot, 1960


A robot was made to practise the cow boy style close combat. Well there was one glitch, the robot not just fires fast but fires a real loaded gun. I hope the inventor survived this.

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