Now there is an easy way to find if you are hot or not, literally! NEC Avio Infrared Technologies based in Japan has introduced a new fever-screening tool which has a mirror-like surface and can detect and display a person’s skin temperature on its surface. This tool is important because it works without touching anyone and its applications are limitless. Airports in Japan have already shown interest in acquiring this device to scan commutters for symptoms of flu.

The thermo mirror contains sensors that measure infrared radiation coming from a person’s skin to determine his or her temperature. The mirror takes a few seconds to record the temperature and can work from a foot away. It beeps when it detects a person is feverish. Unlike the regular infrared cameras that are expensive, these thermo mirrors cost less than 10% of what a conventional infrared camera would cost. The company plans to sell 5,000 of them this year.

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