News 9 of Oklahoma today reported that there was a reward of $1,000 for a stolen 13 inch Mac Book which contained possible cure for prostate cancer. The researchers, Sook Shin and her husband work for cancer research at the Oklahoma University reported the laptop stolen from their car on Sunday night when they were out to get dinner. They returned to find their car broken into and the laptop stolen.

The laptop is reported to contain very improtant information on prostrate cancer research some of which the researchers say, cannot be replicated and others would take years to redo.

Despite University guidelines, the couple never made a backup of their data.

The laptop is also said to possibly have a cure for prostrate cancer which makes it all the more important. Shin in an interview to News 9 reporters said that she felt terrible and guilty for the loss while her husband Ralf Jankecht pleaded with the thieves to return the laptop with the data intact saying that it would be doing a good deed for society as a whole.

If the device is returned a $1,000 reward is on offer with “no questions asked”. The reward is more than what the laptop is worth in the market.

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