Several companies are working on chaning the keyboard design to help make it more comfortable to use. Keyboards have remained more-or-less the same since IBM introduced them back in the 80’s. One company claims to have developed a ergonomic keyboard which it claims is byitself revolutionary. This new keyboard is called “Truly Ergonomic”.

The company says that its design follows the symmetric shape and neutral position of the body which helps in having a healthier posture and also reduces wrist, shoulder and neck strain. Paul Ridden of Gizmag had talked about how poor the design of the traiditional keyboard was and how distant the keys and function keys were placed. Most used arrow key remains seperate from the word keys.

The Truly Ergonomic Keyboard has keys placed such that you can move your fingers across the keyboard to reach buttons. The keyboard however is priced quite high at $199 with is almost ten times more expensive than any conventional keyboard in the market these days.

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