Did you know that there are around twenty million servers around the world that deliver information and make the internet and all other things work! Do you also know that about 84 percent of that number are idling most of the time wasting tons of energy and giving away tons of extra carbon dioxide emissions.

Imagine being able to turn off these idle servers, how much power would be saved. But a software now can do this for you, autonomously! Researchers in Portual have created an automated software program that shuts down idle computers when they are not being used. Such softwares are already available in the market but this software has the ability to bring back the server when needed.

The software called SPIRIT is free and can be downloaded here. The software has been tested at the University of Libson on over 200 computers. The software saved about five tons of CO2.

Will you do your part of saving the planet?

By rjcool

I am a geek who likes to talk tech and talk sciences. I work with computers (obviously) and make a living.

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