Women, does carrying a laptop or a thinkpad make you feel and look too geeky and nerdy? Well your prayers have beennetbook-handbag answered. A Chinese company has a perfect netbook which also camouflages into a purse for women!

This mini-laptop has a built-in handle and a case that makes it look like a handbag when the lid is closed. There’s also a sparkly red heart shape on the pink cover which earned it the title of this post “A very girly-girly netbook”.

The innovation ends with the outside of the netbook actually. On the inside its pretty much the usual components which have been in the market for quite sometime. You have an option of choosing either a VIA C7-M processor or intel Atom CPU. The netbook runs on a 1Gb of RAM and has a 160 GB hard drive with a WiFi and Ethernet connectivity.

This handbag notebook would sell for about $300 in China and no dates were given. Surely all the women would line up for one. If there were any who cared of whats under the hood they would be wise enough not to buy this. Oh well then again looks matter!


By rjcool

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One thought on “A very girly-girly netbook!”
  1. OMG! What a kitsch! Heaven prevent me from rubbish like that!! ;o)
    It’s ok for girls, that want to be cooler than their friends. But everyone older than 15 – should not buy this.
    When I have to work on the road I trust in my MacBook Pro 13″ – THAT is stylish! ;o)

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